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WWAS Arrange supervised ground handling as per the IATA ground-handling standard. WWAS can arrange ground handling for all types of Aircraft both Passenger and Cargo Versions, either narrow or wide-body. Assistance to crew and passenger to complete their airport formalities. Specializes in the handling of Diplomatic, CIP and VIP flights, coordinating with the concerned Govt. Authorities and supervise ground handling including Loading /Off-loading, Flight Documentation, Passenger handling and escorting.Custom /Immigration /Quarantine, Passenger Check-in, Cargo handling etc. at all International and Domestic Airports. Arrange ramp support equipments comprise to handle large Jets including Freighters. Specialize in the handlingof diplomatic and VIP flights, co-ordinating with the concerned Govt. Authorities.

WWAS Worldwide aviation services is arranging excellent and airline standard catering to all clients on their choice.

WWAS Operational assistance- Flight planning, Flight Watch, Weather Briefing and provisions of current Notams. If required also can provide worldwide operational assistance, including over fly and landing permissions.

WWAS Complete co-ordination with the Ministry of Defence, D.G.C.A, Airports Authorities of Pakistan and other Govt. Authorities for obtaining necessary clearances, permits and slots. Also obtaining miltary clearances from GHQ, M.I, and AHQ.

WWAS Supervision of the complete handling of flight of corporate and commercial jets in Pakistan ensuring all contracted services levels are maintained to achieve on time departure. Also ensuring that aircraft operation, aircraft handling and documentation are conducted to the airlines specific requirement and are in accordance with ICAO/IATA recommended practices.

WWAS Sub-Contracted with AVIS limousine service with or without chauffer.

WWAS We have exclusive rates on five stars suitable for crew and passengers.

WWAS WWAS will provide security to crew /aircraft on request, and have personal security escort facility for crew and CIP Passengers on request.




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